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Our free web-based software will allow you to get access to private Instagram profiles. All you have to do is enter the profile username. View private Instagram's in less than 60 seconds! 😏


Instagram Private Profile Viewer
(2019 Updated)

Our Private Instagram Viewer is completely free to use. However, regular members can only use our platform once every 30 minutes. If you'd like to use our tool as many times as you want, please consider upgrading to VIP.

An VIP subscription gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS, QUICK SPEEDS & 100% SUCCESS RATE. VIP access is currently $24.99/month.

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IGExclusive is a free to use online private profile viewer for Instagram. Our custom algorithm will allow you to bypass private accounts on Instagram in less than 60 seconds. Our tool is free to use and is currently used by thousands of people on a daily basis! We have just updated our Instagram Private Profile Viewer for 2019 use! This means you'll be able to continue using our platform in 2019 and beyond too.

Can I view private Instagram profiles without following?

Anyone can view your Instagram profile and posts (even without an Instagram account). However, you can make your posts private so that only followers you manually approve can see them. Once your posts are set to private, only your approved followers will see them. This gives Instagram users full control over their profile.

However, we understand sometimes you may want to look over your loved ones. Whether you're a concerned parent wanting to monitor your child or you're a worried boyfriend/girlfriend wanting assurance, our Instagram Private Profile Viewer software will allow you to view posts from private Instagram accounts in less than a minute!

Social media is literally everywhere these days. It's a part of your life, whether that's for good or bad. Our private profile viewer software has many advantages. For example, let's say one of your close friends blocked you on Instagram after a heated argument. You're not prepared to talk to them again (yet) but you want to see what they're up to on Instagram. We offer you a way to bypass their private profiles. Our unique software will easily help you see locked or blocked profiles - and the best thing is you won't have to download any dodgy software! Everything is web based and only takes 60 seconds. We don't ask for your password or any other sensitive information! Never.

We offer high level security with our software. This means you get full anonymity. Any private profiles you access can't be traced back to you. All proxies and connections are fully encrypted so you have nothing to worry about. Since our software is web based, you can use it from any device such as PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

We have put so much effort into this software. Our programmers have worked for several months to develop everything and we really hope this will help many people out there. If you have any suggestions for new features, please send it over to us and we'll do our best to implement them. There are thousands of other Instagram Private Profile Viewers on the market today... but the majority of them don't work, or they ask you for sensitive information.

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